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How do I adjust my dock fan speeds?2023-11-20T18:59:12-05:00

The fan speed can be adjusted in our RTi Control Panel. Navigate to Setup > Thermal. You can adjust the speed and temperature thresholds to your requirements. Check out this VIDEO for more information.

My cellular connection fails when I plug an ethernet cable to the tablet or dock. What can I do?2023-11-20T17:07:37-05:00

Please apply this REGISTRY FIX.

Can I make my printer turn off when the tablet is shut down?2023-11-20T18:59:34-05:00

Yes. See directions below:

  1. Connect the printer power cable to one of the assignable pins on the green terminal block in the dock. Refer to this DOCUMENT for more information.
  2. In our RTi Control Panel, navigate to Setup > Input/Output Lines. Ensure the pin you connected the printer power cable to is set to “Power Control” and the “Power While On” checkmark is checked. Check out this VIDEO for more information.
  3. Run the Brother Printer Driver Installer, and ensure the “Printer Settings Tools” is selected for installation.
  4. Launch the Drivers/Printer Settings Tool
  5. Navigate to “Device Settings”
  6. Enable Power
  7. Exit the Settings Tool
  8. The printer will now turn on when the tablet is turned on, and turn off when the tablet is turned off.
How do I use the built-in Charge Guard functionality to shut down the computer when the vehicle is turned off?2023-11-20T18:58:59-05:00

In our RTi Control Panel, navigate to Setup > Vehicle Control. You can adjust the Auto On/Off settings in this tab. Refer to this VIDEO for more information.

How do you get the Windows On-Screen Keyboard to appear?2023-11-09T10:44:34-05:00

In the Start Menu, click “Settings”, then “Ease Of Access”, then “Keyboard”. Turn on the toggle switch under “Use the On-Screen Keyboard”. Once turned on, the icon should permanently appear in the Task Bar Notification Tray for easy access.

My keyboard is not working, and I can’t get any device to connect through the dock. What can I try?2023-11-09T10:44:16-05:00
  1. Try shutting off the tablet, undocking the unit, and cleaning the dock connector pins on both the dock and the tablet. You can use a clean cloth with alcohol, or try rubbing the pins with a pencil eraser. Dock the computer again and see if it resolves the problem.
  2. Ensure you are getting reliable power to the dock. Check the “Vehicle Control” tab of our RTi Control Panel software and ensure the graph is showing a voltage of at least 11 VDC. If you see nothing on the graph, or the voltage is below 11 VDC, you may have a wiring problem or vehicle battery problem.
  3. Make sure you are running the latest version of our RTi Control Panel, available on our DOWNLOADS page.
How do I program the HotKeys?2023-11-20T19:00:26-05:00

You can assign functions to the HotKeys by using our RTi Control Panel. Click on “Setup”, then select the “HotKey” tab.  Check out our VIDEO explaining the process.

How do I replace the battery in my RhinoTab M1?2023-11-20T19:00:52-05:00
Can you work with my local Dealer or Upfitter when it comes to purchasing and installing your tablets?2023-10-26T13:29:02-04:00

Yes, we work with many upfitters and partners throughout the US. Contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

Where does my call go when I call for tech support or product repairs? Does it go to a call center in another country?2023-11-09T09:51:26-05:00

Your call goes to our manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, where a live person will answer your call. That person is in the same building with the person who built your computer, allowing us to respond and repair faster than anyone in the industry.

Can I really get a 7-year extended warranty?2023-10-26T13:28:17-04:00

Yes, why would you upfit a vehicle you plan to keep for 5-7 years with technology that needs to be replaced in 3 years? All Patrol PC tablets come with a standard 3-year factory parts and labor warranty, and you can purchase an extended warranty for up to 7 years.

Can I test drive one of your solutions before I buy?2023-10-26T13:27:15-04:00

Yes, we love test drives, because it allows us to prove our unique value compared with what you may be using today. Most of our customers start out with a 30-60 day trial unit, and very few come back once they have seen our product in action. Contact our sales team for details.

I have unique needs and technical requirements, including a custom image. Can you configure my system the way I need it to support my mission?2023-10-26T13:27:34-04:00

Yes, all RhinoTabs can be custom configured to your needs. We can also install your image at the factory if needed. Call our sales team for more details.

What do you mean by “UltraRugged Industrial Grade”?2023-11-06T16:29:31-05:00

We’re a New England company. We get every kind of weather. It rains and snows – a lot. Temps are in the 90’s in the summer and below zero in the winter. Our customers are not gentle, especially when their lives are on the line. They need products that can take a beating and still perform. Our RhinoTab is daylight-viewable, and ultra-resistant to shock, vibration, heat, cold, and moisture. Prove it to yourself.

What do you mean by “Purpose-Built”, and why does that make Patrol PC and your RhinoTab different than other laptops and tablets in the marketplace?2023-10-26T13:27:51-04:00

Unlike most of our competitors, we are not a billion dollar company trying to sell technology to anyone and everyone. Patrol PC only designs tablets and technology solutions for First Responders. We have no other customers, and that allows us to optimize our solutions for First Responder performance, safety and ease-of-use in support of your mission.

Are your tablets really designed and manufactured here in the USA by Americans?2023-10-26T13:22:07-04:00

Yes, while most American computer OEM’s and Distributors sell computers that are made in the Far East, Patrol PC tablets are actually designed and manufactured at our factory in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. This gives us tremendous control over our product quality and support, and also ensures that you are truly “Buying American”.

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