Fire Solutions

Fire Apparatus

Our UltraRugged RhinoTab provides optimum flexibility, allowing you to mount it in virtually any fire apparatus, vehicle or vessel, in any location you require. Our RhinoDock enables reliable, fast hot-swaps between assets.

For communications, we can install a wide range of no-drill dash mount antennas.

Want it in the cockpit, doghouse, or tiller cab? Want it in a command vehicle or boat? RhinoTab is industrial grade, daylight viewable, heat, cold, shock, vibration and water resistant, so nothing is off-limits!

Command Vehicle

Fire Command Vehicles require a customized approach to technology, mounting, and implementation.

RhinoTab is optimized for installation and mounting in any command vehicle of any size or manufacturer.

Bring us your specialty vehicles, and we will deliver to you a customized solution designed for your vehicle size and space.

Fire Boats

RhinoTab UltraRugged Tablets are optimized for use on any Fire Boat, inside the cockpit or outside.

Industrial Grade, daylight viewable, heat, cold, vibration, shock and moisture resistant – the portable, RhinoTab is the perfect solution for any lake or marine application!

Pair RhinoTab with the Brother Printer and mount, and take it ashore with our UltraRugged Carry Kit.