Our unique integrated systems are designed to maximize safety, ergonomics and efficiency.

RhinoTab® UltraRugged® Tablets

UltraRugged. Portable. Versatile.

UltraRugged. Fixed Mount.

  • Bezel mounted controls instantly access features & programs to reduce distraction
  • Proprietary touchscreen is visible in direct sunlight
  • Airbag and Crash tested
  • High performance in extreme environments

RhinoDock® UltraRugged® Docks

UltraRugged. Expandable.

UltraRugged. Low Profile.

  • Designed, engineered and built in-house to optimize system performance, safety and durability
  • Integrated charge guard functionality
  • Custom designed 120-pin connector delivers rock-solid connectivity with all your peripherals


The right mounting hardware can make a huge difference in the functionality and safety of your installation. Our UltraRugged Mounts are designed to optimize user comfort, ergonomics, viewability and safety.

Ergonomic Tablet Mounting Solutions

UltraRugged Printer Mount®

UltraRugged MultiMount


UltraRugged Handheld Keyboard

Full-Sized. Back-lit. Rugged.

In-vehicle or outside, we have you covered with UltraRugged mounted and portable keyboards for any application.

Our UltraRugged Thumb Keyboard is the perfect complement to our RhinoTab for specialized field applications such as motorcycle and bicycle patrol units.

For in-vehicle applications, we have partnered with industry-leader TG3, delivering back-lit and waterproof rugged keyboards that are up to the task.


PocketJet & RuggedJet Series

An eCitation solution is incomplete without the right printer.

Patrol PC is proud to be a Brother Printers Gold Partner, offering the 8″ and 4″ formats for first responders.

Combined with our UltraRugged Printer Mounts and Carry Kits, you can take your printer with you anywhere, anytime.


Reliable field communications are critical to any first responder mission. Patrol PC has partnered with 3 industry-leading providers of advanced antenna technology. Get the strongest Cellular, WiFi, and GPS signal to your RhinoTab in any vehicle or vessel.

UltraRugged Carry Kits

Portable Office – Goes Anywhere

Our UltraRugged Carry Kits allow you the flexibility to take your complete RhinoTab system anywhere you need to go. This includes the tablet, keyboard and printer, which can be easily removed from your vehicle and taken to any scene or situation.