17 Reasons We Really Are Different

Are your current MDT’s/MDC’s just ok, or even worse? Do they make your job easier and safer, or more difficult? What would you change? Patrol PC® tablet computers are “purpose-built” to support the unique mission and duties of mobile Police, Fire and EMS personnel. Every one of these (17) reasons was suggested by someone like you, which are your favorites?

  • Made in the USA

    Unlike most computers, Patrol PC® tablets are designed and manufactured here in the USA. We meet all federal and state requirements under the “Buy America Act”. By owning all aspects of the design and manufacturing process, we can stand behind our products and ensure your full satisfaction. See our "Buy America Act" certification.

  • All-In-One Ultra-Rugged Compact Design

    Patrol PC® tablets are housed in a single-piece, full-metal, virtually indestructible aluminum case to protect all internal components, with SSD hard drives and no moving parts. Our touch-screen displays are protected by two panes of ultra-rugged glass, which is highly resistant to scratches and screen damage.

  • Uniquely Customizable to Your Mission/Objectives

    Patrol PC® tablets are “built-to-order” to your specifications at our US factory. We offer dozens of configurable options, allowing us to meet your goals for technology performance, ease-of-use, ergonomics, safety and budget.

  • Full Expand-ability/Upgrade-ability

    Patrol PC® tablets are fully expandable, with up to (16) GB of RAM, (1) TB hard drive, (9) USB ports, (3) Ethernet ports, internal Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G cellular. All internal components, are fully upgradeable, allowing you to extend the useful and productive life of your in-vehicle computers.

  • Charge Guard & Power Management

    Patrol PC® tablets run on 12VDC direct-to-battery vehicle power, and have a built-in charge guard device, eliminating the need to purchase power adapters or power management devices.

  • Control Panel Software

    Patrol PC® tablets ship with our control panel software, allowing you to create programmable buttons, set timers and thresholds for power-on and off, and adjust screen brightness settings.

  • Wide Temperature Ranges

    Patrol PC® tablet aluminum frames are designed to efficiently disperse heat without internal fans. This reduces operating noise, and minimizes dirt/dust contamination, extending computer life. Our tablets are rated to operate between -13F to +149F.

  • 12.1 inch 1200 NITS Daylight Viewable Display

    Our ultra-bright, high efficiency touchscreen displays are custom designed for daylight view-ability, producing minimal heat while retaining high-performance and reliability.

  • Adjustable Screen Brightness Slider

    Our adjustable brightness slider allows you to change screen brightness and intensity from full daylight viewable at noontime to barely on at night, includes an ambient light sensor that will auto-adjust screen brightness for you.

  • Programmable Buttons

    Patrol PC®’s tablets contain easy-to-program bezel buttons, allowing you to pre-set any standard computer commands such as “Connect to Network”, “Report-Writer”, “LPR”, “Video”. This improves ease-of-use, minimizes training and support issues, and it can be password protected.

  • Protected Cable Pocket

    Patrol PC® tablets have a protected pocket within the metal frame to enclose and tie down cables and connectors, minimizing the potential for damage or disconnect.

  • Customized On-Dash Mounting

    Patrol PC® has on-dash mounts customized for each vehicle that minimizes hardware and cockpit space consumed, without cutting into the dashboard, while avoiding vehicle airbag interference or voiding the factory warranty.

  • Built-In 2D e-Citation License Scanner

    Patrol PC® offers industry-standard Honeywell 2D eCitation driver’s license scanners that we build into the frame of our tablet, protecting it from damage, and eliminating the need for external usb devices.

  • CJIS Secure Authentication

    Patrol PC® offers prox card readers and/or fingerprint readers that are custom built into the frame of our tablets, to meet CJIS requirements for two secure forms of authentication for database access.

  • US Direct-From-The-Factory Product Support

    We service all of the products that we manufacture at our US factory. Your support call is answered by a live, full-time Patrol PC® employee who is in the same building with the people who designed and built your computer. This allows us to quickly diagnose problems, and repair or replace any product within 24-48 hours.

  • Extended 7-Year Cover-to-Cover Product Warranty

    Patrol PC® tablet computers come with a 3-year standard parts and labor warranty. We are the only manufacturer in this industry to offer an extended full parts and labor warranty for up to (7) years from date of purchase.

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Over Time

    TCO measures your true cost to purchase, maintain, support and repair/replace a computer over (5) years. With our semi-indestructible metal housing, 7-year extended warranty, and full motherboard and Intel chip upgrade, Patrol PC® tablets are designed to provide you with the longest useful life and lowest total cost of ownership over time. For more information on the importance of using ruggedized computers and the tangible value of TCO for Police, Fire and EMS agencies, click here.