Yes, at our Massachusetts factory. By controlling all aspects of the design and production of your computer, we can design it to be optimized for mobile police, fire and ems computing. This also allows us to provide fast tech support and repairs. You are welcome to visit us any time.
Our tablets are housed in an aluminum metal enclosure, and have no moving parts. We use only SSD hard drives. Our touchscreen is protected by two layers of armored glass. Our tablets are water and dust resistant. They are rated to operate at temperatures from -15F to +149F.
First responders have very specific technology needs. Computer technology is always changing, and you have limited resources. Big companies make great products that are designed for the masses, aren’t able to focus on your needs. We are 100% focused on producing the best mobile technology for police, fire and ems, and providing the best customer service/support. If you are looking for technology tools that are truly optimized for the job you do, it is worth your time to compare Patrol PC to whatever you are doing today.
All Patrol PC tablets are configured and built to your specifications, so there is no “one size fits all answer”. We will build you what you want and nothing more or less, for a price that will meet your budget. We are very competitive with other fully ruggedized computers in the marketplace.
Patrol PC started out as a northeast regional company that has expanded across the US. Today we have agencies using our products throughout the US. We are growing quickly because agencies like you have been looking for an alternative to the traditional laptop or small tablets they have been using. We would be happy to provide you with references from both small and large agencies.
The answer is yes to both questions. You can buy from us directly, or if you wish, we can introduce you to one of our authorized distributors. In either case, we will stand by our products and provide outstanding technical support and/or repairs. You can contact us at, or dial 508-699-0458.
Yes, an educated customer is our best customer. Most agencies start out with a trial unit installed in a vehicle, usually for 30-60 days. We will build it to your specifications, as if you were buying it. At the end of the trial period, you can choose to purchase it or return it with no obligation. You can contact us at, or dial 508-699-0458.
While our tablets have many features designed to help you do your job better, faster and safer, all Patrol PC tablets are industry standard, running Microsoft Windows operating system software on Intel Core I processors. We have thousands of units deployed using a wide range of industry CAD software, Video and ALPR with no compatibility issues.
Yes, Patrol PC tablets can be configured with up to (3) ethernet ports for data modems, video and ALPR, and up to (9) usb’s for other devices. We also offer internal 4G LTE modems, 2D eCitation barcode readers, and Prox cards which are protected inside of our tablets.
Patrol PC tablets use a simple 4-hole VESA pattern for mounting, are compatible with all major mounting brands. We recommend Hint Peripherals, Havis or Gamber Johnson. If your existing mounts are in good shape, you can probably use them.
Compared to your typical laptop installations, Patrol PC tablets and mounts require very few parts, are very easy to mount/install. We can teach you or your upfitter to do it, or if you wish we can arrange to have an authorized installer do the work. Depending on your location, It may be either on-site or depot service.
Yes. All Patrol PC tablets are fully upgrade-able, including the motherboard and Intel processor. In theory, this allows you to extend the useful life of your tablet indefinitely.
Patrol PC tablets come with a standard 3-year parts and labor warranty. That warranty can be extended for up to 7 years, which is our average useful life, the longest in the industry.
We are well known for the quality of our factory-direct support. Whether you buy our tablets from us directly, or through one of our authorized resellers, Patrol PC will stand behind our products. There are three ways to engage us for assistance:, register on this website and create a help desk ticket, or call 508-699-0458. Normal repair turnaround is 24 hours in-house.