Headquartered in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Patrol PC® is a US manufacturer of Ultra-Rugged touch screen tablet computers that are optimized for use in Police, Fire and EMS Vehicles. We do not produce products for any other industries. Advanced Electronic Design, Inc., the parent company of Patrol PC®, has been designing and deploying All-in-One Tablet Computers since 2001. We offer a variety of customizable, ergonomically safe and officer-friendly platforms designed to fit any marked or unmarked vehicle or apparatus, and we have thousands of units deployed in active duty throughout the U.S.

“Buy American” is our Mantra. Many companies “assemble” computers that are designed and manufactured in the Far East. Our “purpose-built” platforms are 100% designed, manufactured and supported on American soil by American Citizens. Doing so not only supports the US economy, it gives us total control over all aspects of the design and manufacturing process, allowing us to produce technology tools that are truly optimized for Police, Fire and EMS work.

Patrol PC® is an “old-school” disabled-veteran-owned company that prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, proactively responding to our customers’ needs. When you call in for support, the person who answers the phone is in the same building with the people who designed and assembled your computer, allowing us to quickly diagnose and repair your problem.

Thank you for interest in our products and as always, thank you for keeping our communities safe! We are committed to your success and will work closely with you throughout the pre-and-post sales process to ensure your satisfaction. Feel free to contact me or my team at any time with any request.

David SwithersPresident